Fitness tights – you can’t really exercise without them and it’s easy to spend well over $100 for a brand name pair. Is it really necessary to spend the big dollars on them? We road test some popular labels to see how they measure up.

It doesn’t matter what size you are or how much you pay for your tights, we would say almost ALL of them are see-through to some degree when you bend over. Not a great look when you are bear walking your way through a group fitness class.

We looked at three areas in our road test: comfort, support and how see-through they are.

Brand Price Comfort /5 Support /5 See-through? Would we buy them?
2XU $125 – $200 5 5 Very Maybe
Lorna Jane $90 – $140 5 5 Moderately Definitely
Movement Mecca $80 – $130 5 3 Not at all Yes, but not for running
Abi & Joseph $75 – $100 5 5 Very Yes, for the great mobile phone pockets
Kmart $10 – $20 4 4 Moderately Yes, bargain price
Aldi $10 – $20 5 2 Very Probably not


The cheaper tights that rated quite highly in the support category may start off supportive but after a few washes the quality diminishes. You don’t get the mileage that you get from the more expensive brands.

Based on our research, the more expensive brands definitely give you better value for money. Our recommendation is that you buy a brand with great support for running and a less see-through brand for bootcamp type activities.

You have to find fitness tights that you love. If you love wearing them, you will be more likely to get into them and get moving. Just make sure you’re not over-wearing them, like the ladies in this hilarious clip:

Stay Active!

Jo and Beck