Motivation – It’s a word that conjures images of screaming personal trainers or those skinny jeans you could wear before you had kids. Maybe it’s a big event like a wedding or high school reunion that gets you moving.

For me motivation is broken into a few categories. I have my internal motivators like wanting to fit into my “skinny” clothes again, and last year especially, I wanted to look amazing for my birthday. I also have my external motivators, those people who keep me accountable with my health and fitness.  Jo keeps me on my toes with some very healthy rivalry and endless encouragement. I also have three daughters who I know are watching and absorbing my every move.

I have to say I do struggle on a daily basis to find the motivation to get moving. I’m very easily persuaded by road blocks (too cold, too tired, too busy etc). I definitely work best under pressure and will work harder if I have a set deadline or goal to achieve.

At the end of the day, the only real motivation has to come from within. If you find yours, grab it and run with it! Tell us all about your motivation in the comments below.

Stay Active!