I thought my day was actually going pretty well. The floor was vacuumed, washing done, dinner prepared and the dishes done. And then things quite literally went to poop.

After putting dinner on the table I head down the hallway to round up the troops. This is when I am confronted by a naked Miss Two shoving a pooey nappy into the bin. I swiftly scoop her up and onto the change table to prevent Poomageddon.

Whilst cleaning up the first near disaster, I hear some whining from the dining room. Miss Four is unimpressed with the meal I have prepared tonight. I’m pretty used to that from my middle child. Suddenly, Miss Six is urgently calling for me to come. I quickly throw a nappy onto Miss Two, wash my hands and head to the dining room.

There I am greeted with my next disaster. Tonight’s dinner of chicken curry and rice has been flung from the table and is now decorating the floor and my new white curtains. After unleashing a fair amount of Mummy Rage (ie loud, angry voice) I get the girls onto the task of eating dinner. Miss Two is being non-compliant and more rice is being added to the floor. The older girls must sense that I am at the end of what I can take and eat their dinner without too much more fuss.

Next it’s onto bath time. Miss Two toddles off down the hall to prepare herself. She removes her new nappy and proceeds to wee on the floor right in front of the toilet. I grab a towel to mop up the mess as she is putting herself onto the actual toilet. I race the wee-soaked towel to the laundry and come back to find a whole roll of toilet paper unravelled on the floor.

I know hubby is only minutes away from home so I quickly bath the girls and start to get myself ready for a run. Miss Four and Miss Six are now quietly playing in their room. Miss Two decides that now is the time for the whole tub of Shopkins to be emptied onto the floor.

I hear the familiar clink of the front gate and race down the stairs to meet hubby at the front door. I’ve been SMS updating him on the evening’s disasters and he is not surprised to see me heading out for a run. It’s afternoons like today when I really appreciate being able to head out of the house for half an hour to forget about the stresses of what’s happened and reset my focus.  I am a big fan of running for this. There’s something about the sound of my own breathing and my feet hitting the pavement that forces me to forget my worries.

Anyway, after a half an hour I am calm enough to face whatever is happening at home. I am pleasantly surprised to find Miss Two sound asleep and Miss Four and Miss Six already in bed. Now, where’s that glass of wine…

Stay Active!