Motivation is the key and that is exactly why we started AMT.

This morning I wasn’t feeling very enthusiastic and decided on laps of my local park to rack up a 5km run.  At the park I encountered a group of three older Italian ladies on their morning walk together, walking in the opposite direction to me.  Each time I passed them they gave me a bigger cheer and I couldn’t wait to get back to them on the next lap. Their encouragement gave me an extra spring in my step.

Giving someone a high five on the way past, telling them they are doing a great job or even just a smile and a nod of the head could be all the motivation someone needs to keep going that little bit further.  We have no idea where others are on their fitness journey, so let’s all help motivate others.

Has there been a time when a random stranger has given you encouragement? How did it make you feel?

Stay Active!