Welcome to our AMT (Active Mothers Together) Blog. We are two busy mums (Beck and Jo) who love to keep each other motivated to be physically active. Let’s start by saying we have a lot in common:  we both have three children, we both love to run, we both love #westfield shopping and we both love champagne #bollinger! Beck goes to work as a teacher two days a week, and Jo looks after her household full time.

We started our AMT Facebook group in 2015 to encourage some of our mum friends to get active too. It’s an interesting mix of motivational messages, group challenges, recipes and sometimes just a reminder that everyone falls off the wagon sometimes. You can request to join by clicking here. After seeing the positive response from our followers we wanted to encourage and support more mums to get out there and be active and social.

We hope you find some interesting stuff on our blog. Make sure you sign up for our newsletter to get the latest posts.

Stay Active,

Beck & Jo