Since becoming a mum, coffee has become an essential part of my life. I don’t pretend to be a coffee connoisseur by any stretch of the imagination, but I definitely have my favourite spots to grab a cup of caffeinated goodness. In no particular order, here’s where you will find me (usually with Jo) drinking the good stuff:

  • PUK Collective, Kangaroo Point –Serving Byron Moonshine Coffee in a quiet little space under the Story Bridge is this little gem. The hipsters behind the counter offer the right blend of quick conversation and skill on the machine. Enjoy your brew in their outdoor seating or grab a takeaway and head down to Captain Burke Park so the kids can play.
  • Coffee Hit, Garden City – The house blended coffee served is smooth but definitely packs a punch. Expect friendly and efficient service here. These guys get busy, but the coffees are served quickly without losing quality at all.
  • The Farm House, Kedron – Is it the food, is it the coffee, or could it be both? These guys get it all right. The outdoor undercover seating is suitable for the kids. Maybe I’m nostalgic for my youth and good old Farmer Joe’s, but the coffee will keep me coming back!
  • Crema Espresso, Carindale – I can’t go past a cup of the smooth blend offered from these guys. The service is efficient even if it lacks a bit of warmth at times, but the coffee makes up for it in spades.
  • HQ Espresso Lounge (Elixir Coffee), Stafford – These guys could be right if I go by their website’s definition of elixir: A magical substance to enrich your life. These coffee buffs have the art of roasting down to a fine art. Want to make your own at home? Grab a bag of beans on your way out.
  • McCafe, Everywhere – Being a mum of three kids, sometimes I need coffee, real coffee. And I need it now! Thanks to McDonald’s I can drive-thru and get a real coffee, made by a barista, without the pain of unbuckling three kids from their carseats. I reckon they’ve saved my day on multiple occasions.

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