The first time I put it out there for people to join me in a run over the Gateway Bridge I’m pretty certain they thought I was crazy.  I guess they weren’t far from the truth. When you begin this run/walk and look up, the first thing that pops into mind is “Why?”

If you’re on the north of the river, head to Lavarack Avenue, Eagle Farm and park under the bridge.  The beginning of the path is right there. If you are coming from the south side of town, park on Lytton Rd or at the end of Metroplex Ave. The southern path takes a bit longer to get onto the actual bridge and adds a couple of kilometers to your run.

Once you’re on the bridge you can’t really get lost. Quite simply you run over the bridge, turn around, and run back.  Over the bridge and back is 5km, and an added bonus is you don’t have to pay the toll! The trek to the top from the northern side is a little longer while the southern side is shorter but definitely steeper.  But what goes up must come down, so while there is plenty of uphill running there is also a nice downhill cruise. This run is perfect if you want to get your legs used to hills. The more you do it, the easier those hills get.  Another added bonus is that running on the flat after this bad boy is a piece of cake.


Be sure to take a moment’s rest at the top to take in the spectacular view of the Brisbane river and surrounds. If you time your walk just right you could catch a cruise ship as it passes under the bridge which is pretty awesome.


Unfortunately shade is very limited on this walk, so definitely one for the early mornings or late afternoons.  There are water bubblers along the way.

I love this walk because:

  1. Nice wide walking path with dedicated bike lane.
  2. The path is suitable for prams if you want to give yourself a decent workout.
  3. Excellent conditioning for hills.
  4. You can’t beat the view from the top.

Definitely one to try! If you do give it a go, be sure to take a selfie at the top and share it on Instagram with #activemotherstogether.

Stay Active!