As Amelia and I drove away from a coffee/play date with Jo and Macy this morning, it suddenly hit me how quickly these days are slipping by. Our youngest babies are off to school next year, and although Jo and I will certainly LOVE some mum-only catch ups, it makes me sad to think that these carefree days of play will soon be gone forever for our kids.

There was a time that Jo and I were just two regular gals with full time jobs. Back in 2010 this changed when we welcomed our first bubs within a month of each other. The weekly coffee and play dates have been a fixture of our lives for eight and a half years. It is hard to imagine a time in the not too distant future that we won’t be having these little ones tagging along with us.

So for this year I am going to treasure having a little buddy tag along with me wherever I go. I’m going to relish the repetitive I-Spy in the car when we go anywhere. I’m going to cherish the cuddles on the couch after we’ve had a busy morning. These days really are rushing by in a flash. I’m going to miss them.

Stay Active,