This is a great walk as you can tailor the distance to suit your own needs.  We like to start at the Shorncliffe Pier off Park Parade, Shorncliffe and head north towards the Hornibrook Bridge. The concreted path is flat and wide with distance markers every 1km.  It’s 5km to the Hornibrook Bridge, so 10km return.  If you’re feeling particularly energetic, or have a lot to talk about with your walking buddy you can continue over the bridge a further 3km (6km return).

There is an awesome playground at the starting point. You can bribe the kids with a play here on your return if they sit happily in the pram while you walk. There is also a good playground near the Hornibrook Bridge if the kids need to get out of the pram at the halfway mark. Be sure to apply sunscreen as there is zero shade along the waterfront. The beautiful bay breeze makes it pleasant most days.

This picturesque walk is a favourite on Sunday afternoons as we can enjoy an early dinner of fish and chips while the sunlight fades.  We recommend Doug’s Seafood Café (he takes cash only) or Sandgate Fishmonger.  Both are on Flinders Parade, Sandgate and can be seen from the path.

We love this walk because:

  1. Wide concreted path that is flat the whole way (great for kids on scooters too)
  2. Excellent playgrounds for the kids
  3. You decide how far you want to walk
  4. Fish and chips for dinner = no washing up

Distance: Up to 16km

Give this one a go!

Stay Active!

Jo and Beck